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About DigiYogi

Cases of abuse has surfaced in the organizations that I collaborated with. I’m no longer associated with any of my former clients since year 2020, nor do I have any control over the websites I’ve made for them. If you have fallen victim of abuse, please file a complaint at local authority and contact local help organizations.

DigiYogi is created to help spiritual entrepreneurs who lack techniqual knowledge or financial resources. I would like to make their online presence known because there has been a growing wish for me to see more people “awaken” to their true selves as spiritual beings.

I practise Yoga, Tantra and Meditation in my daily life and love to integrate other practises as well, such as Vipassana and Reiki. I have a special affinity for Shamanism as it was the catalyst for my spiritual path.

Web skills

  • WordPress, Joomla
  • HTML, Javascript, JQuery, JSON
  • Facebook Graph API, WordPress Plugins